Russian Immersion Daycare Center

Healthy meals are the foundation of growth, early child development and education. By serving children nutritious meals and snacks, we help them get the nourishment and energy they need to learn and grow and be healthy. It is our goal to show children what it means to eat for good health, including how important it is to eat a variety of foods. We follow all USDA guidelines and cook our food from fresh ingredients daily in our kitchen.

Our lunches are on 4 weeks rotation. Below is our Week 1 Lunch menu, just as an example. Our children are encouraged to try a variety of foods served daily and over the years our parents have been happy about our food varieties. Our menus are always available in our foyer for our families to see.


Our typical breakfast is served at 9:10 am and usually consists of hot oatmeal, hot farina (semolina), or non-sweetened whole grain or rice cereal with fruits and milk.

Our lunch is served at 12-12:30 pm, followed by a nap time.

Our snack is served at 3:10-3:30 pm and consists of healthy crackers, cheese, yogurt or cottage cheese, fruits and milk. 


If there is a food on our monthly menu that your child does not and will not eat, you are welcome to send a healthy meal. Just remember that a lunch bag must meet all USDA guidelines. Please ask the Director for a copy of the requirements.

We follow all allergy plans and exclude foods that contain allergens. Please provide all relevant medical forms and medications to the director to develop an Individual Child Care Plan.

We do not offer sugar in our center. To sweeten our breakfast or snack we serve fresh fruits, canned fruits or apple sauce. We do have an occasional birthday when we serve a cake and/or may offer juice. At pick up family members will be informed each time we had a birthday celebration.