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Preschool (3-4 years)

Russian Immersion Daycare Center

At the age of 3 most of children are ready to transfer to the preschool group where they start to focus more on their own needs and taking care of their personal needs. This group does a lot of educational activities to start preparing for Kindergarten; they love to do songs and dances.


This age is a special and magical time in the life of young children! They began to extend their world beyond just the family and the daycare friends towards making new friends, participating in various evening / weekend activities, becoming open to lots of new experiences and one of them is trying new foods :) 

Our children from English-only speaking families do really well learning Russian when they come to us young - to our infant room and to toddlers’ group. The younger the child is the more absorbent his/her mind is and both languages are acquired much faster and easier versus when a child is in preschool.

Here is what our families have to say about our preschool program:

My daughter started attending Sunflower daycare in fall of 2021 she started in the toddler classroom, but quickly moved into the early preschool. We have had nothing but a positive experience at this center. The curriculum is fun and forever changing which keeps my child engaged and learning. My daughter has also started speaking a lot of Russian and singing songs in Russian.

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