2-3 years

Russian Immersion Daycare Center

Even though, we are greatly inspired by the Montessori teaching philosophy, we are not a 100% Montessori school. In our center we balance our activities by allowing our older toddlers choose an activity, move at their own pace, master the activity and learn through discovery, and also by participating in changing group activities, such as music, dance, story time or working all together at a table or on the floor. We at Sunflower find group activities important as they encourage socialization, patience, kindness and conflict resolution skills development. Children learn a lot by observing and listening to each other in a group.

Every day we offer our toddlers new activities from the categories, such as hand-eye coordination, arts and crafts, practical daily life, music and movement.

Potty training is a big priority for all toddlers. We watch for potty training readiness in all our toddlers and closely work with the parents about the potty training process. Usually we start potty training around 2 years old (or in some cases even sooner) and all our children are trained way before they turn 3. 


We incentivize our families by reducing the rates once the child is fully potty trained.