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Why Choose Bilingualism?

Our bilingual program benefits all our children. Our children from Russian-only speaking families or families where Russian language is present maintain their Russian language skills, while learning the English language and that level will well prepare them for Kindergarten. Our children from mixed Russian speaking - American families maintain their English skills, while also developing their Russian language skills. Our English only families get immersed into Russian as a foreign language as well as developing their age appropriate English skills.   

The director Irina Faulise is a native Russian speaker, who is also a licensed ELL /ESL K-12 teacher with 7+ years of experience teaching ESL / ELL to elementary students. She is herself a life-long language learner who understands very well the stages that children of any native language background go through while learning any foreign language.


Learning a second language is a complex social and cognitive process. For adults 2nd language learning takes 2-3 years to become proficient in social language, but for children it is a much shorter process, because young children's vocabulary is much smaller than the vocabulary of adults. In the beginning children observe and respond but only with gestures, nods or with 1-2 words. Over time, children start to speak in phrases or short sentences and eventually they transition to longer sentences and gain fluency.

Sunflower Bilingual Daycare is a great choice for your kids.

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Why should you encourage your child to study a foreign language in their early years of education? Learning a foreign language at any age has numerous advantages. Sunflower Bilingual Daycare, a center in Burnsville, MN, is a recommended preschool that promotes bilingualism. It has been confirmed by linguists a long time ago that bilingualism is very beneficial for the cognitive development and future academic success. Sunflower Bilingual Daycare is primarily staffed with native Russian speaking educators who can properly teach the language and introduce the culture to your little ones.

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