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General Information about Our Program

We are a smaller center and are licensed to serve 38 children: 4 infants (from 6 weeks), 14 toddlers and 20 preschoolers.

Please hold the mouse over this tab (Kids We Serve) and choose from the drop down menu to learn more about different ages and stages in Sunflower.

We have lots of information available on our site under Curriculum, Meals and Daily Schedule. Below are a few more important points about our bilingual program, not yet covered.

  • The hours are 7:30 am-5:30 pm. The latest time to drop off is 9am

  • Experienced and caring staff members. Most of the staff have actual teaching degrees from the former USSR.

  • We are NOT a babysitting service! We work very hard every day teaching our kids new things!

  • We offer weekly enrichment activities, such as art, music, dance and physical education.

  • We do monthly thematic events - Russian Spring Pancake celebration (Maslenitsa), Valentine Day (the day of friendship), Easter; summer parties - Bee or Frog party, Jungles or Hawaiian party, Under the Sea; Fall parties - Visiting a Farm or Fall Carnival, Halloween, etc.

  • Our families love our well planned Christmas / New Year and Graduation parties!

  • Each new month in our curriculum includes life skills, such as handwashing, getting dressed and undressed independently, learning to zip and button / unbutton, quick evacuation during a fire alarm, finding a shelter in case of tornado, water / pool safety, sun safety, decision making, making good choices, etc.

  • Daily outdoor play on our playground. For safety we have 2 separate areas - for toddlers and preschool ages. 

  • Daily airing the facility for a healthy dose of fresh air and to get germs out!

  • Summer visits of older preschoolers to the wading (kiddie) pool or play in the sprinkles on the lawn for younger preschool and toddlers.

  • Daily sanitizing of all furniture, toys and equipment.

  • Convenient electronic payments.

  • At this time we do NOT accept government child care assistance programs (CCAP).

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