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            Infants (6 weeks - 16 months)

According to the MN licensing rule, a child is considered to be an infant until the age of 16 months. We are licensed to have 4 infants in our center. For infants we offer high quality care in a safe, healthy and a home-like environment. We have a separate baby room with approved cribs and toys. Every day we fill out a daily report for each infant about what and how much the baby ate, when and how long the baby slept, about the mood and activities, and all fun details about the diaper changes :)

We do supply baby food, but we do not supply formula. We follow all parental instructions in regards to feeding. 

We work on development of fine motor skills by playing lots of age appropriate games and using age appropriate toys. Our infant teacher does cute projects with our babies which parents cherish forever.

Once our infants start walking and gain strength, we start transitioning them to toddlers, at least for a few minutes every day. Our infants have a chance to play in the toddler play area once toddlers are in class or having meals.


All of our teachers working in infant care are highly trained and have passed required trainings in SIDS and CPR. We follow each child's individual schedule to remain consistent with the schedule at home. Through observation, getting to know your child and consistent parent/teacher communication, we build a loving, joyful relationship with your child.

Russian Immersion Daycare Center

Here is what our families have to say about our infant program:

I love this daycare!! It has provided my daughter one of the best education a daycare could offer. They offered various services such as interactive play to help the children learn more through fun activities. They also teach the value of bilingualism to bridge language barriers in certain individuals. Activities during holidays also add the fun factor in learning. Irina, the teachers and other staff are also very friendly and caring to all our children. Thank you for your great service! 

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