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Potty Training

Russian Immersion Daycare Center

At Sunflower we believe that most children are ready to start potty training around the age of 2, and some children might be ready to start even earlier. We constantly watch for the signs of readiness and would discuss with the family members once we believe the child is ready. Consistency between our center and your home is so important and for the potty training to become a quick success, we must work together.


Toilet training is a very important milestone for children, as it means a big step toward independence and self-sufficiency. For parents it means freedom from changing diapers and from having to spend money on diapering products. We know that potty training is a LOT of work and we incentivize our families for their hard work by  significantly dropping the rates. The combination of no diapers and our reduced rate saves the average family $2000 per year!

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