4-5 years

Russian Immersion Daycare Center

At this age the children really start focusing on becoming ready for Kindergarten! They become increasingly aware of the world around them and feel delight in interacting and experimenting with their surroundings. They gain independence and self control.


Through the fall, winter and spring we actively work on Minnesota standards for Kindergarten. The director Irina Faulise has an active teaching license and has worked in schools for 7+ years, so she is very well aware of what children should know when they start Kindergarten. No only our Sunflower children know all letters (capital and lower case), sounds, colors, shapes, etc., in English, they also know them all in Russian. As for our kids from English-only families, they understand and speak Russian too and participate in all concerts, singing songs in Russian.


We assess our preschoolers twice a year and have parent-teacher conferences. When summer comes, we review all the material learned, but we also spend lots of time on the playground, go to the local wading pool, go for a walk or to a small nearby park.