Sunflower Daycare

Russian Immersion Early Childhood Learning Center

Core Values - bilingual learning, safety, fun!

  • We are the ONLY Foreign Language Immersion center in the southern suburbs of Twin Cities

  • We are not a chain. We are owned and operated by a local couple with children in the program.

  • We are BOTH a licensed childcare center and a preschool. Our toddler program also has a curriculum, which is a simplified version of formal preschool curriculum.

  • The owner / director Irina is a former ESL K-12 school teacher (still licensed), knows all Kindergarten standards and is focused on Kindergarten Readiness

  • We offer weekly music and dance classes taught by professional instructors

  • As a part of our curriculum, we teach social emotional skills, life skills, gross and fine motor skills.

Our bilingual program benefits all our children. Our children from Russian only speaking families maintain their Russian skills, while getting exposure to the English language, the language of our country, and that exposure is quite enough to prepare them for Kindergarten. Our children from mixed Russian-American families maintain their English skills at home, while developing their Russian language skills, the language of their grandparents. Our English only families get immersed into Russian as a foreign language. It has been confirmed by linguists a long time ago that bilingualism is very beneficial for the cognitive development and future academic success. 

Please see the full description of our program in the Our Program tab. The links on this page below are about various age groups we serve. Click on the links to learn a bit more about children's milestones and how we do things here at Sunflower Russian Daycare center. Please read more reviews about Sunflower Russian Daycare on Google and Facebook. The icons at the bottom right of each page on our site will take you there.


Please contact our bilingual daycare to schedule a tour and to have a virtual journey of your child's upcoming exciting milestones!!!

Русскоязычный детский садик и ясли "Подсолнух" в городе Бернсвилл (Миннеаполис, города-близнецы), штат Миннесота.

російськомовний дитячий садок та ясла у місті Бурнсвілль (Мiннеаполiс, мiста-близнюки), штату Міннесота.

Рускамоўны дзіцячы садок i яслі "Сланечнік" у горадзе Бернсвіл, Мінесота.

Russian Immersion Daycare Center

(952) 297-7226
1800 County Road 42 E
Burnsville, MN 55337

HOURS: 7:00am to 5:30pm

Monday through Friday.  

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