Our current availabilities as of March 2020 are below:


INFANTS (6 weeks - 16 months)

  •  1 full time opening 

  •  1 full time opening until of end of August or beginning of September 2020, and then this opening will be reduced  to 3 days a week.

  • On 9/28/2020 we will have 1 full time opening

TODDLERS (16 months - 3 years) 

  • As toddlers grow and move to preschool, and new toddlers joining us, we have a constant movement in our toddler room. Please check with us about current openings.

PRESCHOOL (3-5 years old)

  • 2 full time openings

  • Every Fall we graduate several of our children to Kindergarten, with some children leaving in early to mid summer. This opens a few spots in our preschool. Please check with us early about our openings for Summer / Fall 2020.



                                                                        OUR RATES

We offer full time and part time rates. The rates naturally get lower once a child gets older. Half day attendance is discouraged, but if half day care is needed, it will be charged at a full day rate. We are able to give 10% discount for an older sibling. We also have a deposit fee, registration fee and supplies fee per sibling due prior to starting with us.

We also incentivize our parents by reducing the rates, once a child becomes fully potty trained. We, at Sunflower, believe that most children are ready to start potty training right after 2, and most of our toddlers are trained by 2.5 years old. Each one of our toddlers is trained by 3. We do not transition a child to a preschool room until s/he is potty trained.


We do not accept new children to our preschool if they are not potty trained. All our children in preschool should be in underwear and communicate their potty needs. We might accept a child to our preschool who is in underwear, but has very infrequent #1 accidents during the day or only during nap time. We will not accept a child who has #2 accidents. 


Our existing non potty trained toddlers will stay in the toddler room at a rate of $280, and will be moved to preschool with a rate drop of $240, once completely potty trained.


If we work together, we will help to train your child (ren) early!

***Please note that all part time rates are 2 days minimum, whether your child attends twice a week, once, or takes a week off.

(952) 297-7226

1800 County Road 42 E
Burnsville, MN 55337

HOURS: 7:00am to 5:30pm

Monday through Friday.  

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