Our Program

Our mission is to provide a quality childcare experience that helps your child develop physically, socially, and emotionally. 


Here is the description of our current program:

  • The official hours are 7am-5:30 pm. The latest time to drop off is 9am.

  • Accepting children 2 months - 5 years old. Full time and part time. Half day attendance is allowed, but must be paid at a full day rate.

  • Based on availability we are accepting our graduates (already in Kindergarten through 2nd grade) during winter, spring breaks and summer breaks and during no-school days.

  • Healthy fresh food (a combination of Russian and American foods) prepared daily onsite: breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack.

  • Experienced and caring staff members. Most of the staff have actual teaching degrees from the former USSR.

  • Focusing on the development of Kindergarten Math and Reading readiness standards.

  • We offer weekly music and dance classes.

  • Russian and English Language classes, focusing on listening comprehension and speaking. Children learn ABCs, names of numbers, colors, shapes, animals, and other age appropriate vocabulary in both languages.

  • Monthly thematic events - Russian Spring Pancake celebration (Maslenitsa), Valentine Day (the day of friendship), Easter, summer parties - Bee or Frog party, Rainforest and Jungles party, Under the Sea; Fall parties - Visiting a Farm and Fall Carnival / Halloween, etc.

  • Our awesome Christmas / New Year and Graduation parties!

  • The owner / director is a licensed ESL teacher who has worked in the public education for 7+ years with the emphasis on Kindergarten through 3rd grade.

  • ESL classes emphasize the development of listening comprehension and oral language: social language, story retelling and vocabulary growth.

  • Development of fine motor skills for infants and toddlers by playing lots of age appropriate games and using age appropriate toys.

  • Each new month in our curriculum includes life skills, such as handwashing, getting dressed and undressed independently, learning to zip and button / unbutton, quick evacuation during a fire alarm, finding a shelter in case of tornado, water / pool safety, decision making – making good choices, etc.

  • Daily outdoor play on our playground. For safety we have 2 separate areas: toddler and preschool ages. 

  • We help with potty training and start it early. We do not put the whole responsibility on the parents! When we and parents work together, it happens pretty quickly!

  • Daily airing the facility for a healthy dose of fresh air!

  • Daily sanitizing of all furniture, toys and equipment.

  • Summer visits of older preschoolers to the wading (kiddie) pool or play in the sprinkles on the lawn for younger preschool and toddlers.

  • Convenient electronic payments.

  • At this time we do NOT accept government child care assistance programs (CCAP).